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What You Will Find Inside

This site is designed to be a free place for officers to come to share experiences. Officers can choose a screen name and log on anonymously, however some information such as department name and member email address is required to attempt to verify that individuals are actually affiliated with a department. If you suspect someone of not being police officers or if someone is not supportive of members, please notify the administrator and those persons will be removed from the site. It is not foolproof, but it is something to help make this site secure. Suggestions on how to improve security are welcome.

Once inside, officers will be free to create their own topic or to follow existing threads. Potential topics include "Surviving the Shooting", "Returning to Work", "Dealing with Administration", and "Cleaning Up the Blood", and there is also a section for retirees, who are encouraged to get involved and offer their experiences and suggestions on what worked for them. The idea is to make this a useful site for officers to return to and learn that reaching out to others in our field speeds up getting over things a lot faster than trying to handle them on our own.

Thank you for your interest.