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About Me

Adam Pasciak: Bio:

Employed at Charter Township of Redford Police Department from 1987-2010 in various capacities; including road patrol, narcotics division, sergeant assigned to the road patrol, and detective assigned to investigate violent crimes including homicides. Received numerous commendations including several unit citations and a departmental purple heart following involvement in an on-duty shooting in 1998 that left me injured and the assailant dead.

Following the shooting incident that resulted in serious injuries to my extremities, I returned to school to continue studies in Psychology and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University. After returning to duty for several years, I retired due to aggravation of the injuries from the shooting and returned again to school to resume studies into psychology. I eventually obtained a Master’s Degree as well as a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. The title of my dissertation is: Adherence to Traditional Male Gender Roles and Its Influence on How Male Police Officers Offer Emotional Support To Fellow Traumatized Officers. Research explored male officers’ views of peer support, along with male psychology issues. Out of that research came the idea that male police officers do not typically engage in traditional types of support towards male peers, but were more likely to do so in an information sharing type of way—which then led to the idea for this site.

In early 2014, I obtained my full license to practice in Michigan (yay!) and have started my own clinic in Oakland County. For anyone interested in seeking assistance or a consultation, I am now located at Lake Orion Counseling Center, at 3604 Clarkston Rd. Clarkston, MI 48348, (248) 595-9969. My background and training have been in the areas of family issues, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, trauma, and men’s issues. I also have been trained in Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is commonly used to treat trauma exposure, and I am a member of the Oakland County Critical Response Organization (OCCRO), which is a volunteer organization that responds to locations where traumatic events have occurred and provides debriefing. My goal is to work with police officers with the expectation that my own experiences will bring a fuller understanding to issues facing them.

In 2015, The 2nd edition of "After the Smoke Clears: Surviving a Police Shooting" was published by Charles Thomas Publishing and is my contribution to the police genre. It is an update of Clarence Jones' original, that includes my own shooting experiences with a focus on what to expect after the shooting. I hope that some of you will check it out and let me know what you thought.